About Us

As of June 1, 2012, The Yoga Center will become a Donation Only based studio, with the goal of bringing back into focus, what we consider to be the heart of yoga. 

There is no set price for class, no monthly fees. 

Simply put, yoga made available to everyone for a donation they can afford.  So, if it’s a dollar, two dollars, or fifteen dollars; keep in mind ... the intention is for you to pay what you can afford to pay.  However, if this is not possible for you every time, we ask that you contribute what you can, in the yogic sense of karma, “what you give you get”.  We trust you will give in the spirit of appreciation for the skill and time our teachers share with you.

Our Instructors are all excellent teachers for someone coming to their first yoga class, as well as people who consider themselves experienced practitioners.  Every teacher’s class will offer something a little different based on their training and particular influences on who they study with as their teacher.  I suggest that you attend a class with all of our instructors,  find … and allow an experience in each that speaks to your inner self.

We all have busy lives. It is challenging to find time to practice yoga, and to find the balance between our physical and spiritual self.   We are responsible for nurturing our physical and spiritual self, with equal commitment.  It is our responsibility to find the sense of balance between the two, so that they bring out the best in each other, creating an energetic and grounded person to be presented to our family, our friends, and at our job.  Yoga has changed my life, and the lives of many people, for the better.  I believe heart and soul that if more people were doing yoga, the world would benefit.

If you feel like you would like to try some one-on-one instruction, we also offer private lessons. The cost of a private lesson will be determined by the instructor.

Come explore your potential with us.












































There is Nothing More Constant than Change …

With the knowledge that the economy is not the best we have witnessed since the opening of The Yoga Center in 2003.  Understanding this is a fact that affects many people in our area.  Believing that nurturing and taking care of our SELF … body, mind and spirit … should not be limited to only those who can afford to pay set prices for yoga classes, it has become the intention of the instructors at The Yoga Center to make possible for anyone to do yoga regardless of economic circumstances.