Meet Our Instructors

Robyn Loonan Gibson

I have been practicing yoga for many years, studied in the Hatha tradition, receiving my certification for Kripalu yoga in 2000.  I found my teaching niche’ after meeting and studying with Erich Schiffmann in 2004.  There was a strong connection with Erich’s teaching as I felt we shared the same mindset about what yoga is … the practice of meditation.  The practice of connecting with God, listening for what it is I need to know, and moving into that place within that yearns to be still and quiet … touching that space with my breath, and using all of these ingredients to move from place to place within my asana practice.  Keeping the connection to body, mind and spirit … through the breath. 

In 2008, I received my teaching certification with Erich.  I also enjoy going to workshops and working with other teachers and connecting with friends that I have made throughout the years.


My classes focus mainly on meditation, making that connection to a higher power, connecting to the breath, and listening … really listening to the body.  Using the connectedness to move the body how it needs to move, not how I think it should move.  This is an awareness that many people have never experienced.  We are so programmed to take care of everyone else, that we forget about taking care of ourselves.  When the truth is … the better care we take of ourselves, the better we will be able to care for our loved ones. 

For me, yoga is not a P.E. class, maintaining the burn, losing weight, how flexible you are, or how far you can get in any of the postures.  I choose to teach a sweet, compassionate class. In my class it is about listening, breathing, and paying attention to YOU.

Yoga is about balance and the flow of energy within, learning to use that energy to the greatest benefit, discovering who you are and the abilities that reside within to create a healthier, healing person.  Meditation in movement. 

If you are feeling the need to connect … give this yoga a try.