What is Yoga?

Yoga means "yoking" in the sense of the coming together of a harmonious relationship between our separate aspects, bringing the body, mind, and emotions into harmony.

Yoga is a spiritual practice that will enhance where you are in your faith. "Everyone is seeking the joy found in the experience of the Self as our innate spirituality." Yoga is not a religion, people of all faiths practice yoga.

Yoga is to bring recognition of what we already are as a whole being.

Yoga is a powerful and simple process. Meditation, using the body to free the breath and allowing the breath to move the body.

Yoga is a vehicle to increase and make aware the ability to succeed and enjoy life. An existence where there is connection to God, Infinite, the Universe. Learning to listen and being engaged in every moment in the moment.


A consistent meditation and yoga practice will create mental equilibrium, emotional well being, calmness, sensitivity to yourself and others. Being in stillness and contentment is what makes yoga truly unique.